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As per market review rapidgator.net provides the best price for premium accounts. Already millions of users already experiencing the excellent services and most of them are using the 90 day package because it saves a lot of money. As soon as you will buy the account you will be able to use your account almost instantly. This instant activation is also an added advantage of rapidgator.net premium members. The customer oriented services are the key of success to rapidgator. They provide individual support to premium members. If you are a premium customer then you will receive awesome customer satisfaction.

They provide all time support and you can ask your queries anytime you want. The customer support staffs will give you enough information about your query and until it is resolved to your satisfaction. It is a fact of the current market analysis that there is no similar site across the globe that is able to provide that kind of customer support after purchasing of premium account. The trust that it has earned by its service delivery is unmatched. You will be unable to et that kind of popular and efficient file Host Company. A rapidgator premium account holder is the key service that they are providing to the customers. The experience and treatment that they receive from the support staff is unimaginable. If you want to experience that kind of treatment, then buy the premium service. The safe and secure environment of the site has made sure the information provided by the customers remains private and no one can hack this information. If you want to use the best file hosting tools, then be a premium customer.

The transactions made using rapidgator.net is very safe. The website is secured with SSL connections.

You do not have to worry about your personal information that you need to provide at the time of registration with rapidgator.net. There are various kinds of payment method are available and payment transactions are very safe and secure in this website. You should be tension free once you have made payment because the service you have purchased will be activated instantly. There is no chance of scamming. If you still not sure about the service that you will receive as a premium customer then you should go through the website for information about the benefits of the rapidgator.net premium services. As per the reviews received from millions of customers it is evident that rapidgator is one of the most efficient file hosting site in the world. If all those descriptions look vague, then buy the premium membership and experience the service. You will have no risk at all because it has a very amazing money back guarantee offer. If you do not like the services of premium membership or if you find that any claim made by rapidgator.net is false then you will get your money back. Your money will be refunded.

Rapidgator premium benefits

You will be able to download files, but if you want to download multiple files, then you are required to wait at least an hour before you are allowed to download next item. Rapidgator.net premium is a way-out if you want more speed, more space and unlimited downloads or upload capability.You should upgrade your free registered account soon to avail those privileges. It is up to you whether you want to experience the incredible experience the control panel developed for specific user. As a premium customer you will be able to see all kinds of statistics like download speed, upload history and storage details etc.

You are allowed to download as many files as you want at the same point of time.

You do not need to wait a moment to start downloading. You will get direct download links and instant download option. There are several online file hosting sites offering very lucrative offers in daily basis. In that case people may ask why they will go to rapidgator.net site. Apart from all the excellent features provided by the premium you should also count the reliability factor. The trustworthiness, or goodwill that rapidgator has earned over the years by serving millions.
The file downloading experience is just amazing.
As a premium member you will be able to avoid long queue of file downloading. There is no advertisement pop up will come after every download.
You will have options to use as many download managers as possible. There are several download managers that a premium customer may use. A premium customer will be able to stop and resume the download process anytime.

Rapidgator.net premium review

The download, upload or sharing of files are the primary services that a customer generally expects from sites like rapidgator.net. If you want to experience the ultimate speed and quality of data transferring them rapidgator is the destination. If you want to try rapidgator.net for free you will have to register and can enjoy the file hosting experience without any problem but there will be certain limitations.
A rapidgator.net premium membership is something that will give loads of privileges to the customers.

Free membership is also available.You are allowed to share, download and upload files as per your requirement, but with loads of limitations.  If you want to get more information about the benefits of the premium membership then you may visit the site. The free account will not be able to provide you with all those facilities that a rapidgator premium will provide. The free membership holders will have options to store up to 4TB files. They will have this limit of 30 days. If you want to get rid of all the limitations of a free account holder then a premium account needs to be bought.

Refund policy

Money back Guarantee within 24 Hours.
All of rapidgator premium services can be purchased after you register, and you may subscribe to the rapidgater premium services for various lengths of time. Refunds will be agreed to on a case by case basis and no later than 24 hours from your initial order. Rapidgater do not provide partial refunds.

Rapidgator pay safe

Absolutely. All payments are processed via an SSL connection and rapidgater online payment provider is fully PCI DDS Level 1 compliant which guarantees you that your payment information is safe.
it's safe to buy rapidgator premium account,all your data is transfered through encrypted channel. Rapidgator do not collect any financial data of users and do not store it.
Customer data resides securely on Database servers behind multiple firewalls and is not accessible from the Internet. In order to access data, operators must utilize the application server, whose access is limited by strict security.
When buy rapidgator premium account,do not use AOL browser,which block cookies.Or you will the system will not recognize you.

Rapidgator recurring

A premium subscription allows you to enjoy additional benefits to the free service that rapidgator offers. When you buy rapidgater premium subscription, you sign up for auto renewal by default. This means that your account will be charged again 24 hours before your rapidgater premium is expired and that your rapidgater premium subscription will be extended for another period which you have selected. This allows you to enjoy rapidgater premium service without having to worry about the subscription expiring. You can however easily unsubscribe from auto renewal on your rapidgator profile page.