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RapidGator.net is the best,quickest and the most popular service of uploading, storing, and safe to send files on the Internet.

Almost half of the file links are rapidgator.net,all most porn link use rapidgator.net link too,so if you want to download a video,music,or movie,you must buy a rapidgator.net premium.

Rapidgator premium benefits

Buy premium and avoid free user limits - download files with fast speed, download many files without ads and waiting, resume downloads and more...

Maximum download speeds

The rapidgator.net premium download speed is very good, it is relate to different ISP and where you are,I have a 60 MB connection and I can download at around 7 MB/s,it takes around two minutes to download a 30 minute television show (shorter with commercials cut) with rapidgator.net premium in Firefox, a 1.3 GB movie was down in less than 4 minutes.RG have always given me full speeds, it is from 5 MB/s to 30 MB/S in most country.

Tried downloading a file on the free rapidgator.net,slowest download I have ever seen. Took almost an hour for 150 MB.
I'm on a premium RG account and speeds have always been excellent. I'm on 100 meg broadband and a 350 MB file typically takes about 30 seconds to download.

Multiple file download

Some owners of the file would like to spite the file to several parts,if you are a rapidgator.net user,you have to wait for one hour before next downloading part.It would takes you up to one day to download a video or games. As a rapidgator.net premium user,this is no need to wait between downloading the file parts,you can have several connections at the same time compared to only one file per time.

Upload, download and share files up to 5 GB

You still can upload files up to 1024 MB per file and share with others.Free users can download / upload files with restrictions.
Some times,It keeps getting the following "You can download files up to 500 MB in free mode,Upgrade to premium to have opportunity to download files up to 5 GB!" when you download with rapidgator.net free account ,it depends on what the up loader has set it for 500 MB,1024 MB or premium only.

Resumable Downloads

Rapidgator.net free download sucks,not only are downloads extremely slow, but they frequently never finish completely downloading. Premium users don't need to re download any files in cases of disconnection from the server instead they can easily resume interrupted downloads.

No Advertisements

When you use Explorer and use rapidgator.net free,it may keep getting a pop-up window that only gives you one option... to click OKAY. It doesn't give you the option of canceling, saying no and even prevents you from closing your browser unless you choose force quit or click the pop-ups okay window. There is pop-up window too if you have a rapidgator premium account.

No downloads captcha

Bad captcha and pop ups for free.It is impossible to make free downloads,some times the captcha is wrong,then you have to wait for about two hours to try another download.With free,captcha stupid, expires 15 seconds, and you have to wait 120 minutes!
As a rapidgator.net premium user,you will meet no captcha.

No waiting to start download

As a free user,this is a 60 seconds waiting time before downloading,no waiting to start download if you are premium.

Support download accelerators

Download links generated to premium users will support download accelerators programs without limitations.
Multiple connections for file - download faster with resume / stop function using multiple connections with download managers or JDownloader etc.

Keep your files forever

As a premium user your files are held permanently without deleting as these files not infringing copyright laws which are reported by a copyright holder or have any inappropriate contents as defined in the terms of service.

Pay safe on rapidgator?

Many secure payments methods,all payments are processed via an SSL connection - Secured transaction,Easy payment methods and instant activation.
You can pay with pay safe card too.
Rapidgator is safe to use,and rapidgator.net included SSL based login system. In short, they now use https instead of http while logging into a user account. SSL secures and protects your private information - all data and privacy are safe .Rapidgator.net uses verisign trust certificates and they run a secure site and process payments securely.

Is Rapidgator.net safe to subscribe to?

Automatic Re-billing means you didn't take the time to learn how to use the website. There is a tic box that allows you to turn off the automatic rebilling. Love it when people complain about software they didn't bother to take the time to learn how to use....
To stop recurring payments, go to "profiles", under "my account"
then click on "Modify Account Settings"
then select "other" and uncheck last box for "subscribe to recurring payments".

Rapidgator premium plans

12,99$ for 30 days plan with 1 TB bandwidth,24,99$ for 90 days plan with 1 TB bandwidth,49.99 for 90 days plan with 4 TB bandwidth plan.
Rapidgator.net is the most popular file host.
So most buy 90 days 1 TB plan,but you could try 30 days 1 TB plan,It is 100% risk-free for you. If you don't like rapidgator, you'll get your money back.
If you not download HD or Bluray ,you no need to buy 90 days 4 TB plan.

Money back guarantee if you not satisfied with premium account.
Sorry there is no premium account for life available,but 90 days plan could save you much money too.

Warning : Do not use the same premium download account at the same time on other computers. If the offense rapidgator will set your account to premium expired.
All downloaded files starts immanently and gain maximum available speed - download requested data from good server locations.
Compatible with All Modern Browsers Get files using standard internet browsers or use accelerators for simulation split resumable downloads
Pay for premium using credit cards - 100% safe transaction and instant activation after successful payment.